Wind and Florals

Missoni for Target heels; Zara floral pants; H&M white shirt; Promod faux suede vest;
Calvin Klein sunnies; thrifted envelope clutch; Fossil watch; Forever 21 bracelet.

Hello, Ladies,
In the past few years my approach to my wardrobe changed significantly. I started to see my closet as a system that needs to be functional in order to serve my needs rather than just viewing it as a collection of pieces. This also resulted in more conscious shopping, and making more well thought out decisions about purchases: instead of shopping purely for pleasure, and simply buying a few pieces I liked in stores, I started to look for the garments that my wardrobe needed the most, the 1/2/3 pieces that would fill in the most blanks, allowing me to make the most of what I already had.  Instead of spending tons of money on small items that never really solved any of my wardrobe related problems anyway, I started getting less, but better quality pieces that I would be able to wear years to come. Ironically, buying more expensive things helped me save money. Now that I am happy with the garments hanging in my closet, I no longer feel the need to have a large wardrobe. The more time I spend organizing my clothes, the more pieces I remove, and I really enjoy having a small, but functional system instead.
What I love the most about this approach is that it allows me to style any garment in several different ways. And since I got pieces with great design, I actually enjoy re-wearing them. Here is an example: I love re-wearing these floral pants, they always put me in a romantic mood, and I can’t wait to style them with sandals and hats in the summer.
How do you feel about re-styling the same pieces? Do you enjoy the challenge, or would you prefer starting from scratch every time?
Have a sunny weekend,


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