Shedding Some Layers: A New Haircut

Hello, Ladies,

Today I would like to share my new haircut with you.

I need constant change to survive. I simply cannot live in dull stability, I need to see things moving, evolving, being constantly refreshed. My hair is no exception to that. I had all natural looking colors imaginable, from bleached blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and red, to light brown, golden brown, reddish brown, ash brown, and almost black. I had high contrast highlights (in curly hair), and I had three different ombré color combinations. The length of my hair varied from 1cm (0.4 in inches) to being grown out to mid back, and I am not afraid of extreme length changes. I am also experimenting with textures all the time, allowing my hair to curl up one day, and straightening it the next.

This spring I really needed a change.  I felt that this year is somewhat of a new start, and I wanted my haircut to reflect that. So I went with a reddish brown long bob with bangs. I like how it changed my whole look, and while I haven’t had the time to really experiment with textures yet, I think it allows for a lot of versatility. I love how effortless it can look, and I adore the elegant simplicity of it when I wear it straight and shiny.

If you have been thinking about getting a haircut for a while now, but you haven’t had the courage to take the leap yet, I encourage you to do it, because change can feel pretty darn good!

Have a wonderful weekend,



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