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Hello, Ladies,
We can never have enough shoes, am I right? Some argue that the main reason behind our shoe obsession is that while shopping for clothes can result in feelings of inadequacy about our bodies, shoe shopping is mostly rewarding. I agree that most of us feel the negative effects of female beauty and body expectations set by the media, but I am not sure if our feet constitute an exception. As someone with extremely narrow and bony feet I can tell you, that shoe shopping can come with its own set of challenges. But just like spending time and energy to find the perfect outfit is worth it in the end, finding the perfect pair of shoes is too. If chosen well, shoes can tell a whole story, and they can change an outfit completely.
I needed a pair of blue pumps for quite some time now. Several garments stayed confined to my closet during the fall/winter/spring seasons, because I didn’t have the necessary closed toe shoes to wear them with. I really needed to do something about that. Originally I had pointy toe pumps in mind, but as I mentioned previously, finding well-fitting shoes can be a challenge for me, especially if the color I am looking for is not a neutral. I also need to mention here that I am very picky about the design. So I settled for these almond toe pumps. The chunky heel with no platform is a style I often find myself drawn to, and I love the color and the texture of the suede. As you can see, I used some inserts to lift my feet a little. They stop my feet from sliding forward, and they make the shoes a tad more comfortable.
What is the role of shoes in your wardrobe? What challenges do you face during shoe-shopping?
Have a great Wednesday,


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