Wardrobe Building: Blazers

The blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of a modern wardrobe. Its uses have become almost unlimited, as we can see it paired with office, preppy, floral-feminine, and downtown-cool outfits alike. A blazer gives structure to any outfit, making the wearer look more put together.
For many years the blazer played a secondary role in my closet. Considering it a very elegant garment, I saved the one powder-pink piece I owned for graduations, weddings, and other occasions that called for an out-of-the-ordinary outfit. Working in an office environment on a university campus finally taught me that blazers are suitable for any woman, even in her mid-twenties, especially paired with the right pair of jeans and a slouchy t-shirt. They have the power to elevate every outfit. My newly found office style was quickly rewarded, as I became one of the favorite student employees in the department among crowds of hoodie and flip-flop wearing peers. I took my work seriously, I was ready to behave professionally, and my appearance reflected that.
It was only after I started teaching that I felt fully comfortable with the elegance of blazers, and they quickly became my go-to piece. I finally got to value the structure and elegance that blazers add to any body type and outfit. Being a young female instructor, I need to dress the part, otherwise my students won't take me seriously. 
On this wardrobe-building, journey of mine, I am happy with the basic blazers I currently own. What my style needs is added interest, thus I am looking for interesting cuts, cool patterns, bright colors, or trendy textures. In the following posts, however, I will address both basics and attention grabbing pieces. Let's start with black!
As I mentioned before, black is my go-to neutral, and blazers are no exception. Whether paired with other neutrals or bright colors, black blazers add a certain elegance to outfits. The basics can be paired with virtually anything, from preppy office looks to floral feminine outfits. Satin, velvet and tuxedo styles are great for elegant, night-time dressing in particular, and worn without a top, they add a touch of surprise and sexiness to an event look. Versions with leather trims, sleeves, or inserts add a touch of cool even to a more classic outfit.

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If we all wore blazers more, the world would be a much more elegant place.  Have a great day!



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