Experimenting With Blazers: Print Pants

Forever 21 blazer, Express necklace, H&M tank top, Old Navy pants, Madden Girl pumps,
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target mini satchel
As I mentioned before, a couple of years ago I completely changed my perspective on fashion. I started making more conscious decisions instead of impulse-buying, I started viewing my wardrobe as a functional system rather than a collection of garments, and I decided that I need to build the contents of my closet carefully to make sure that it reflects my personality and style. My morning frustrations became my best advisors, and the driving force behind the first purchases I made right after.
One of the first pieces I realized I really needed was a neutral blazer. My wardrobe was way too casual for the office environment I was hired to work in, and most of my winter clothes were painfully boring. A blazer was the perfect solution, as it elevated my outfits to business casual, and it allowed me to wear my cute summer tops in the winter. But the first one I purchased was a hit and miss. It was a gorgeous boyfriend style ponte knit blazer with striped cuffs that made me look like a million bucks, but that lost its shape after the first wash. My second purchase was this Forever 21 jacket that has been my go-to piece since. It always saves me when I am unsure about what to wear in the morning, whether I want to put together a simple outfit or I need to tone down a pattern or bright color. The size allows me to wear it over tank tops and fine sweaters alike, the fabric doesn’t attract lint, it barely wrinkles, and the buttoned cuffs and striped lining allows me to cuff it every time I want. What more can a gal want?
Today I decided to wear my new Old Navy pants that I just scored for $7.99 (I know, right!?!?). I wanted to go simple this time to allow the print to shine, so I picked basic black and white garments for the rest of the look. What do you think?
Have a great evening, everyone!


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