Retro Spring

With Chicago’s weather taking forever to warm up, I have gotten way too accustomed to complaining about it. If you don't believe me, see Exhibit A, Exhibit B, or Exhibit C. I am not proud of it. But this weekend I decided to change my approach, replacing all the whining about low temperatures with gratitude: gratitude for the sun shining, gratitude for the beautiful spring flowers that surround me, gratitude for this breathtaking city I live in, and gratitude for the wardrobe I have built for myself that allows me to look good even on days when layering takes precedence over fashion. So I put on my favorite retro mini skirt – turtleneck combo, added over the knee boots for a bit of pizzazz, and headed out the door to enjoy the sunshine. 

What is your strategy for staying positive during long winters?

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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