Leather & Lace

H&M coated leggings | H&M lace peplum top (similar & similar) | Forever 21 earrings (similar & similar) | DIY embellished Steve Madden booties | Forever 21 crossbody bag (similar)

My past few weeks have been about all about that spring/summer wardrobe refresh. And as I was looking for the pieces that would bring about the most positive change in my closet, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of my personality would come across with each new addition? I started to hone in a bit on what makes my wardrobe truly mine, what colors, cuts, fabrics and textures I usually reach for, and which pieces have become staples in my closet irrespective of whether they are on trend or not.

I realized that my high school obsession with art history has left quite a mark on my personal aesthetic, as rich textures and antique embellishments are just as much a part of my personal style now as they were in my teens. And so is my love of everything rock & roll.

This outfit is the direct result of all that sartorial soul searching. In an attempt to marry these two, very different sides of my personality, I decided to tuck my black coated jeans into my ankle booties, and add a bit of lace and rhinestones for that extra aristocratic touch. Not only did this look make me feel empowered and beautiful, but for a brief day there it felt like who I am is good enough.

How do you hone in on your personal style?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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