Style for Less: Isabel Marant Sandals

I fell in love with these beauties the minute I saw them. Something about them expressed my sense of style better than anything before. They reminded me of my style roots: my rock&roll and hippy teenage years. So as spring approached, I started looking for a more affordable version. Thankfully I wasn't the only one obsessed with them, and they started to appear on websites and in stores everywhere. After weighing all my options, I decided to go with the Chinese Laundry Time Flies sandals. Despite the tacky name, they are beautifully designed, have a low, comfortable heel, and most importantly, they are the most affordable leather version.
Here are a few of my favorite picks under $100. If you see anything that strikes your fancy, scroll down for the link to purchase online.

Wild Diva  /  Wild Diva  /    Bamboo  /  Bamboo


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