4+1 Contemporary Ways to Wear the Flare Jeans Trend this Fall

It’s no news anymore that the ‘70s are back in style, and along with them wide leg trousers and bell bottom jeans are experiencing a revival. But while setting our worn out skinny jeans aside for a bit in favor of a fresher silhouette definitely sounds very appealing, not all of us are quick to jump on the flare bandwagon. As I previously mentioned, my reluctance to adopt this trend wholeheartedly stems from my fear of looking too costumey. In the past few months the most recognizably overworn elements of the style have been spotted everywhere both on and off the runway, and many street style stars have been flocking to fashion week’s best shows looking like the cast of Hair.  But on the other hand, the freshness this trend brings to contemporary fashion is undeniable, this shift being as worthy of our attention as the first skinny jeans of the late ‘2000s.  And street style icons have done a tremendous job capturing the irresistible free spirit of this tumultuous time in American history.

Since this freshness is exactly what my style needs right now, in the past few weeks I’ve been searching high and low for inspiration on contemporary ways to incorporate flare jeans into my wardrobe. I want to breathe a bit of new life into my every day outfits, while avoiding the head to toe hippy look I was sporting in high school. Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos, and the 4+1 ways in which I will be wearing flare jeans this fall. 

1. Tucked In

Give this retro staple a fresh twist by wearing it with a contemporary portofino or chambray shirt tucked in. Extra points for a jeans-on-jeans look.

2. With a Blazer

You can never go wrong with a classic blazer. Wear it with a chambray shirt or a soft tee for a more updated look, or add a turtleneck for a full on retro vibe.

3. With an Oversized Top

To keep your look contemporary, avoid hippy clichés such as bell sleeves, tie-dye, or peasant tops.

4. Belted

Nothing echoes the fit-and-flare shape of bell bottom jeans as beautifully as a belted shirt, coat, or cardigan.

+1 Monochromatic

For true street style icon status, go for an elegant monochromatic look. It will not go unnoticed, I promise. 

I hope I inspired you to give this new trend a try. 
See you on the bandwagon!



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