The '70s are Back!

After a few seasons long prelude, the '70s trend is now in full swing. During these last few weeks of shows both the runways and the streets have been filled with bell bottoms, midi dresses, bandanas, suede and fringe. Street style icons went with the costume approach, and designers deconstructed the fashion of the era only to reconstruct it as a part of their unique, contemporary vision. Being so focused on minimalism, I ignored the signs signs of the style slowly creeping back, and was surprised to see it this spring in its full glory. But I guess there is no better time to revisit an era of social movements than a time when contemporary versions of the Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement are receiving increasing attention.

While I always felt an affinity with this exciting time in history and fashion, I have mixed feelings about this new recrudescence of its style. On one hand, I really wish there was more time to experiment with the minimalistic, geometric, graphic style we've seen on runways these past few seasons. I can't help but think that there was more to it than what we managed to explore, and we should have given it more time to truly bloom. But on the other hand I am very excited about digging into my style roots. I have always felt a connection with the '70s, their history, ideology and social movements, as well as with their fashion. As a teenager Hair was my all time favorite movie, and wide leg pants, corduroy, turtlenecks and boho details were a part of my daily attire. Revisiting that style and experimenting with a contemporary take on these cherished old favorites will definitely be an exciting challenge.

My history with boho attire led me to believe, that I know what '70s fashion is all about. But the more I browsed Fall/Winter 2015 collections, the more I realized how complex it is. In their research, designers dug to the very core of the decade, and brought back not only the staples, but the hidden gems and an intrinsic value system as well.

In the next few weeks I will explore designers' fresh take on the style, as well as ways to wear the trend, and by the end I hope I will have my finger on what makes an outfit truly representative of the '70s. I hope you will join me on this journey.

 Have a wonderful weekend,


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