The Brave, the Feminine, the Contemporary, and the Androgynous: My Favorite Looks of the 2015 Award Season

I like everything visual and artistic as much as the next girl, but in these past couple of years new movie releases failed to convince me that they are shoes, bra, and big screen worthy. 2014-2015, however, restored my faith in Hollywood. This year’s films were beautifully artistic and explored much more than the mere surface. There’s no denying that significant topics such as social movements or mental health gained territory through stories like Selma, The Imitation Game, and Still Alice. And the influence of rusty old Hollywood recipes seemed significantly weaker as more creative productions, such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman, took center stage. 

But is it just me, or was this awakening in the film industry accompanied by a duller than usual red carpet? In the era of cutouts, crop tops, earcuffs, midi lengths and masculine touches, I was expecting…well…more. Nevertheless, some style icons didn’t fail to impress. Here are my favorite looks.

  1. The Feminine

While I was hoping to see more courageous, contemporary looks, as I was watching the coverage I found myself gravitating towards classic femininity. Among ladylike visions Jennifer Lopez and Jaime Chung were by far my favorite. There is something magical about how exquisitely delicate the tulle is in both of these gowns, and cleavage aside, I was happy to see J.Lo. in something different than her usual oversexualized fare. 

2. The Contemporary

 I love seeing women, and especially women of color, receive attention not only for their looks, but their talent as well. However, that's not the only reason I loved seeing Selma director Ava DuVernay on the red carpet this season. The gown she wore to the Oscars was an elegant take on the currently uber-trendy boxy top. The gorgeous color and the eye catching embellishments were an added bonus. Kelly Osbourne went for a similar look at the Golden Globes, and jazzed it up with a corky clutch. 

3. The Brave

I was thrilled to see Naomi Watts and Emma Stone on the red carpet mostly because they dared to be DIFFERENT. Emma stone has been one of my style icons for quite some time, and I always admired her courage to choose personality over classic beauty. In this embellished jumpsuit she definitely won the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year.

4. The Androgynous

 Last but not least, I need to highlight Tegan and Sara Quin. While their gender-norm-defying style is more out there than what I would feel comfortable wearing, they definitely serve as inspiration for all of  us, lovers of masculine inspired looks.

 Here's to all the ladies that brought their A-game this award season! Which look was your favorite?

Have a exciting weekend,


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