Chanel, Shoes, and Popular Feminism

Those close to me know that I gotta' have myself some feminism. I've been passionate about women's issues ever since I can remember, and even though I wasn't able to understand the full extent and workings of gender inequality as a child and teen, the topic always struck a chord in my heart. I've been labeled militant on several occasions, a term I found utterly exaggerated and flattering at the same time.
In the past years we've seen a rise in popular feminism, and while the debate still continues on whether it helps or hinders the female cause, we can all agree that Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, or Emma Watson's speech  draw attention to social structures that are in a desperate need of change.

After this short confession it will probably not come as a surprise, that I loved Chanel's Spring/Summer 2015 runway show.  With the "Boulevard Chanel" resurrected at the Grand Palais, it was probably the chicest interpretation of the feminist movement we've ever seen, having iconic women, such as Caroline de Maigret, Gisele Bundchen and Cara Delevingne in the center. Past the popular feminist touch, the show was astonishing. It was the perfect contemporary interpretation of Chanel's iconic tweed garments and quilted accessories, and the abundance of textures was breathtaking. My favorite part? The masculine footwear. Here are some of my favorite details.



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