I can't believe how much time went by since I last posted! These past months have thrown a whirlwind of experiences my way, and as I was struggling to keep my head above water, my blog paid the price. But this time I am back for good! I love the creative process that goes into constructing posts too much, and the connections one builds along the way with fellow fashion lovers keep me feeling refreshed and alive. So what better time than fall, the season of fashion, to pick up where I left off, right?

In the past few months my life went through drastic changes. I received my master's in communication from Purdue,  I became a social media and PR girl for one of Chicago's best avant-garde designers, Crystal B. Simms, I started working as a lecturer, and I finally packed up my stuff and moved to this gorgeous city I adore so much. These changes have been challenging, but they left me feeling revitalized and energized, and they will definitely influence my blogging style. If you are interested in my personal style, my rants on trends, and my life as a fashion PR girl, stay tuned. In the meantime, here is a recap the past few weeks from Instagram

Have a wonderful week!


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