Those Dreaded Mules

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

If had to pick one accessory that I truly hate, I would have to go with the mule. The elegance of a heel combined with the sloppiness of slippers just doesn't make sense to me. Not to mention that this style used to be the go-to shoe of the over 60 crowd. However, this spring the mule got a makeover from labels including Rochas, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton. Summoning the spirits of Madame de Pompadour and Marylin Monroe, the new reincarnation of the style is updated with architectural shapes, metallic heels, or modern embellishments. So to keep my style evolving, and to push my boundaries a bit, I will go as far away from my comfort zone as possible, and try the mule. But since investing in the real deal doesn't seem safe just yet, I will try to play around with a 'faux mule' by covering the ankle strap of my new Zara sandals. 
Wish me luck!

What things have you tried to expand your comfort zone?

Have a great weekend!


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